Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy ♥ Day!

Valentine's Day was highly anticipated at our house. Sara has watched as jenna prepared her treats and box for her class and now was her time. She knew what she wanted and you were not changing her mind. she wanted her picture on the Valentine and a certain treat. She is my child that knows what she wants in most cases and you cannot sway her --that is a good thing for the most part but sometimes... a headache--
Jenna was very happy how her valentines turned out and was a little bummed that they didn't get to make a holder at home. They just made one in class. Needless to say they both had a fun day and were excited to show me their loot from class and tell me all about the class parties :)
I love my girls♥♥♥

here are their valentines!

jenna had a moustache attached w/ a glue dot over her moustache on the pic so the kids could wear one too!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

million dollar mouth part 2

Well, we have started work on the million dollar mouth. Jenna got her 4 canine teeth pulled the day before school started. She did so good! We let the dentist give her the gas and she got a little sleepy on sniffs of bubble gum :)
Once they were all out the Dentist said these wouldn't of come out for years! the roots were so long on them. Out of the 12 teeth that she has lost, the dentist has pulled 8 of them. she has a mouth full of crazy teeth!

the after photo shoot! my little jenna bug!!

Weber County Fair WiNnEr!!

Back in August was the Weber County Fair and the girls colored and decorated their dream cowgirl boot. Well we turned them in and I didn't think about it again, but.....Brent got the call that made Sara's week. She had won for her age group :) so, we went down to the fairgrounds to pick up her prize and her face was priceless! When the lady gave her the bag, she was all smiles! (I think the glittery flower and peace sign was what gave her the edge) :)

she ended up with LOTS of art supplies!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Million Dollar Mouth :)

Well, we started the week off going to a Orthodontist
consultation for Jenna. Our Dentist suggested it since her x-ray looked a bit scary and the way her teeth are coming in! WOW is all I can say about what we learned!! As of now, he suggested that we have her 4 baby canine teeth pulled out in hopes that the permanent ones will find the right path to come too. Only 1 is coming in right :/ the 2 bottom ones are a little more horizontal then vertical and one on top is going behind the lateral incisor. Then comes the "pre" brace stage 8-12 months, she gets braces on her top and bottom 4 permanent teeth to start straighting those and keep them in place, while her others come in. Then she would wear a retainer at night to keep them in place until she is 12-13 when the 'real' braces come on. At that stage we may have to go to an oral surgen to have him hook up chains to her canines and bring them into place, get her one top lateral insicor "added on to" since it is not the same size of the other one which will give her an even smile :) and then there is talk if the canines don't work out pull 4 permanent teeth and then bring the other teeth forward to cover the spots so her smile is even and beautiful :)....mean while all I can see is $$...dollar signs...$$ who would of thought at the age of 9 we would start this process. let's hope Sara has relatively 'normal' teeth...she is a proud owner of a 'twin' tooth and will show you if you want to see it :]

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

sOmEtHiNg NeW!!!

With the end of fall soccer, Jenna has started a new sport. BASKETBALL She has never played and doesn't know much about the game. It has been fun to watch her learn, after her 2nd game I can see I need to teach her about offense and defense...she plays defense the whole time :). Needless to say her team has only scored 1 basket in 2 games, but I am so happy to watch her grow and learn! I love her to pieces!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This little bug has been in our family since I can remember and we use to tow it behind our motor home. Then we could go off and explore where ever we were. It has been to Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, South Dakota, Idaho, basically all over the western states. I remember climbing in the very back spot to ride and LOVING every minute of it (now I look at how little that spot is and think how did I ever fit). Herbie has also carried 6 grown men, 1 teenage boy and all their guns, as they went shooting on our cousins ranch in Wyoming. As we watched them all pile out of Herbie, we laughed at how it looked like clowns at a circus--they just kept coming out! Well, now it is leaving my parents house and going to Colorado for my nephew to fix it up. Happy to see it still in the family but...also a bit sad to see it leave:( I see it leaving as my dad is getting older and his passions are not quite what they use to be and it is hard for me to see...and accept!

Monday, October 4, 2010


I was lucky enough to win tickets to the off we went.
Ended up with great seats! No one in front of us and smack in the middle. Sara was taking it all in, she kept looking at me and pointing at EVERYTHING! Her favorite was the stilt walkers, and the lady hanging by her hair and juggling fire(which she wishes I could do??). Jenna bug just sat there quietly and enjoyed it all. At the very end they brought out the newest member of the circus family and it was a baby elephant that was born on inaugration day so they named him Barack, and both of the girls loved him! And their favorite Aunt Crissy bought them a little stuffed elephant w/ a blanket--spoiled! It was oodles and oodles of fun!!
The pics look like we were really far away but, we weren't...I only had my cell phone camera so not the best :/