Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Saturday Sept. 6 brought our annual Questar/Mountain Fuel day to Lagoon. My dad retired from there and we still go every year and enjoy the day. We have a group of us that usually go, but this year we were down in numbers. In the morning they(questar) have games for kids and adults. Which I loved when I was little and now my kids love, fun to see them get excited and all pumped up, like I use too. Lunch follows and then off to ride the rides....Jenna had in her mind where she wanted to go and she would not budge an inch until she rode the scrambler. Sara didn't care what ride she went on as long as she was on one. And as soon as the one ride stopped, she would be asking to go again. She wanted to ride the bat but she is not tall enough. I can't wait for her to grow a little taller, she is going to be my ride buddy. She likes them wild and crazy just like me... Jenna did really like tilt-a-whirl and went on it like 3-4 times but I do not care for that one, too many circles.
Karen McFerson and I rode on the catapult and it was GREAT. We went up about 205 ft. I can't even explain it.....just that it is sooo FUN. This year was my first year on Wicked and wow what a ride. Lots of fun but just a little too short. I did loose my cell phone on that ride, fell right out of my pocket. But have no worries, they found it and it still works. What a phone...it is a Samsung if ya want to know. hee hee
We always end the day with Dracula's Castle, which Jenna loves to go on but hides her face the whole way through. She kept asking me what was going on but would not take her eyes out of her sweatshirt. Brent took Sara and she was not so sure about that ride, didn't like the darkness of it. This year we broke our record of leaving, we usually take off about 7ish but this year we stayed until 8:30...WOW
We stopped at cousin Bobby & Cynthia's for dinner, then headed home. Both girls were out by the time we pulled into the driveway.


John and Sherri said...

I bet Brent was glad they found the phone! How fun- Sara is a little wild and crazy like you.

Chrispy Critter said...

What great memories of lagoon! I still have those little key chain things that you look through with our picture in them. Your blog is darling! Teach your mom how to use it so she can see our pictures. Love you!