Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Saturday started out like an average cleaning day but soon changed. Our good friend John called us about 12:30 and asked if we wanted to go to the Circus at 3:00. Looking around at the mess I had made of the basement trying to clean it, I said YES we would love to go...I really didn't want to clean. So, needless to say the cleaning stopped and we got ready to leave. We met Summer, Andrew and Harrision, Sean and his 3 girls and John. Brent stayed home to do homework :( The Circus was fun, Sara only cared about the animals. If there were no animals out on the floor then she was asking and asking where they were, I started telling her they were eating lunch and she seemed to like that answer. She would then turn to me and say "the aminals are full, come out now". She does not have patience. Jenna's favorite part were when the elephants walked out and held tails with their trunks. The tigers were thrilling thanks to one of them not wanting to do anything they asked of him. He was growling and swatting the stick with his paws. They had dogs that would run through the obstacle coarse and catch frisbee's, horses doing tricks and people doing tricks on horses, there was a porcupine which I thought was strange for the circus......Crazy!! Anywho, after the circus we went to Hires Big H for dinner. I just love that place. The fry sauce is delicioso...the girls were hungry and ate everything, or it was because they got a sucker on their plate and being the mean mom I am, said they had to eat their dinner first... It was fun to be with friends for an afternoon. Thanks John!!!!!

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Chrispy Critter said...

That sounds so fun! I miss hanging out with the old group and I really miss fry sauce! Tell them all hi for me.