Sunday, May 24, 2009

where does the time go...

It has been a while but things are going good!!!
here are a couple of pics of Jenna and Sara with thier Papa.  My dad has a love of cars (always has) and this is his '23 T-bucket.  We all love getting rides in Papa's cars.  My Dad also has a '27 Roadster and a '38 Buick Special--all orignal parts with a straight 8 engine, suicide backdoors.  I love my Dad's passion! 

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Maria said...

Dylan loves those cars too! He still talks about the ride he took with Gus - and I think that was years ago. The kid has a crazy good memory! He also keeps asking about the "ca-vin" from Lisa. Do you still have it at your house? I need to borrow my mom's truck and come get it one of these days. The kid can't wait much longer. :)