Thursday, June 4, 2009

WOW---it has been a long time since... it has been years since I went to a concert!!! But May 30, Brent and I went to the new Rio Tinto Stadium to see STYX and REO Speed Wagon, 38 Special opened for them. It was lots of fun, especially to just watch the people. The age range was big, in front of us were grandparents and behind us were high school kids. Some people looked like they haven't left the seventy's, then there were the '80 rockers and the I don't know where you came from! It was a fun night and free, I won the tickets--THANKS FM 100.3--
here are two pics I took w/ Brent's phone, it looks like we were millions of miles away but we weren't-but had to post them...


REO Speed Wagon--great stage set up...lots of lights

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Karisa and Chuckles said...

how fun for you guys to go to this! i can just both of you singing...tehee