Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy ♥ Day!

Valentine's Day was highly anticipated at our house. Sara has watched as jenna prepared her treats and box for her class and now was her time. She knew what she wanted and you were not changing her mind. she wanted her picture on the Valentine and a certain treat. She is my child that knows what she wants in most cases and you cannot sway her --that is a good thing for the most part but sometimes... a headache--
Jenna was very happy how her valentines turned out and was a little bummed that they didn't get to make a holder at home. They just made one in class. Needless to say they both had a fun day and were excited to show me their loot from class and tell me all about the class parties :)
I love my girls♥♥♥

here are their valentines!

jenna had a moustache attached w/ a glue dot over her moustache on the pic so the kids could wear one too!

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Maria said...

Super cute! I love Jenna's mustache!