Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2009 started off with Brent's nieces Brittanee and Cassidee getting baptized.
I was so excited to hear that they decided to be baptized. I first met this two cute girls in back in November of 1997, when Brent and I first started dating. They were born on July 31, 1997 --they were about 2 months early and only weighed 1.3 lbs and 1.9 lbs. They were in Primary Childrens for about 2 months or longer. When I met them they were a little over 3 months old but were still so tiny, if my memory is right they weren't even 6 lbs yet. Just these little precious babes, with tubes in their noses. They had many issue when it came to eating, they had to be tube fed for a very long time. Even when they were toddlers/little girls they had what I called a beach ball plug in their bellies to be able to feed them, so they could get enough nourishment. Their reflux was all messed up and it took a lot of time and patience to get them to eat "real" food. But now they are 11 and all grown up. By looking at them now, you would never guess that they had a rough start. I was happy to be able to share this day with them. Love ya Britt and Cass!!

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