Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back to Dec 15....we went to the lights up in Willard for our family night. Sara loved looking at all the lights and different figures that they had.
We found the tent that Santa was in and had to go sit on his lap. When he asked Sara what she wanted she told him a bukaba (computer), and he said "What", so she said it again a little louder and he just smiled and said "wow that is great". Gave her a candy cane and she was happy as can be. Jenna asked for Biscuit, a electronic dog that sits up, lays down and makes noises and costs $150.00. (Why are her 2 real dogs not good enough????) Santa asked her if she has been good and keeps her room clean, which she answers a big YES--wish I knew what room she kept clean---gets her candy cane and off we went...with BIG SMILES :)

Then we go out and look and 2 of the reindeer's, I think it was Dasher and Dancer, anyway Sara was just fascinated by these animals and didn't want to leave. Then the one turns and puts his butt towards us and POOPS! Well, that did it, this is what Sara more Santa or the lights but the "deer pooped at us".......But we still had a great time and love the memories!

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