Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's back......2009 season of NASCAR

I am so excited for the new 2009 NASCAR season to begin. It makes me know that spring is right around the corner. My driver is Tony Stewart #14, he changed cars for this new 2009 season he is now RED (what a marvelous color). I am finding it a bit more challenging to locate him with his new look, but I still love it....
My dad has given me the love of this sport, I grew up watching it with him every week. My dad loves cars, has 3 different ones in his garage. He has a yellow '23 T bucket, a '27 roadster and a 1938 Buick Special. He has spent many hours out in the garage working on them and taking them from ugly to HOT looking cars. When you go out on rides everyone always looks and gives you the thumbs is lots of fun. His love of cars and racing is in his blood and started back in his youth, he actually met my mom at the drag races. She worked the concession stands and would hook him up with all the extras.
A couple of years ago, for my dad's birthday, we bought him the driver experience where he got to drive an actual race car and do 8 laps. He was in such shock when he opened that and realized what it meant for him. Not too often do you get to give your Dad a gift that means/meant everything to him. Then we also splurged and bought him the ride along pass also and that is when you get to ride in the race car with a professional driver and you get to go FAST!!!
My dad was on cloud nine that day.


John and Sherri said...

I had no idea abour your obseesion! I can't say I've ever been a NASCAR fan, but I know some die hards. That is such a great gift for your dad- made me smile!

Karisa and Chuckles said...

I had no clue you were a NASY fan... You would be a riot to go to a race with!!