Tuesday, March 10, 2009

whew---am I glad that last week is over, it was an exhausting 4 days. Wednesday night and Thursday day was my Aunt Diane and Uncle Jaret's funeral. It was fun to reminisce and hear stories of their lives. My cute dad was asked to speak for his brother, which he agreed to, but....didn't like the idea. My dad can sit and tell you stories for hours of what he did when he was younger but to put him in front of a microphone and a crowd is not his favorite thing.
He did a great job and spoke from his heart.
At the cemetery, my Uncle had the military honors for his years of service, in the Marines during the Korean War. They gave the flag to his son, Eric, who was in the accident too, his eyes were full of tears as he accepted the flag. Just amazing to watch how the timing of those military men do their thing, when the 2 were giving the flag, the other one was away from them ( he played Taps on the bugle) and he could not see them, but when they started to salute after they gave
the flag, all 3 were in perfect timing.
My memories of my Aunt and Uncle are plenty, snowmobiling, rock shows, family parties at their house, camp trips, my Aunt Diane always said "My Gads" which I thought was weird when I was young.
Friday and Saturday was my cousin LuAnne's funeral. How nice to see the out pouring of love from the many people that LuAnne touch in her lifetime. LuAnne was fun, loving, compassionate, full of life, just a wonderful person. She loved her children and was never shy to tell you what they were doing. She gave to everyone around her and never once asked for anything in return. She loved her camera and was never without it, except for once when she was in the dollar store and ran into Donny Osmond. Her daughter made the comment that, "my mom didn't wear jewelry, her accessory was her camera, weather it be in her pocket, purse or around her neck, it was always there..." Our last Family Christmas Party, they came in late due to traveling back from their daughter's basketball game and as they were leaving, she said get together for a picture, I want more than just my kids, so they will know that we were actually here.
She loved music and passed that love on to her children, they all do something musically weather it be the piano, violin, sing. She loved her role as a wife and a mother and will truly be missed. But how wonderful to know that if we live worthily we can see them all again. My thoughts and prayers are still with my family, as they try to get into a new "normal" routine.


Chrispy Critter said...

I bet your dad did a great job. He is one of my favorites!

Photo By Emilie said...

Hi Lisa, I want to see when you would like to schedule your free shoot
you won in Jan. If you'd like a Saturday in the Spring let's get you scheduled here quick. I'm getting a little full. There is no rush however, the deadline you use the
credit it Oct 1, 2009. Can't wait to take your pix.