Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This little bug has been in our family since I can remember and we use to tow it behind our motor home. Then we could go off and explore where ever we were. It has been to Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, South Dakota, Idaho, basically all over the western states. I remember climbing in the very back spot to ride and LOVING every minute of it (now I look at how little that spot is and think how did I ever fit). Herbie has also carried 6 grown men, 1 teenage boy and all their guns, as they went shooting on our cousins ranch in Wyoming. As we watched them all pile out of Herbie, we laughed at how it looked like clowns at a circus--they just kept coming out! Well, now it is leaving my parents house and going to Colorado for my nephew to fix it up. Happy to see it still in the family but...also a bit sad to see it leave:( I see it leaving as my dad is getting older and his passions are not quite what they use to be and it is hard for me to see...and accept!

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Amanda fair said...

it has been on the south side of the house for as long as i can remember! sad. tear.