Wednesday, November 3, 2010

sOmEtHiNg NeW!!!

With the end of fall soccer, Jenna has started a new sport. BASKETBALL She has never played and doesn't know much about the game. It has been fun to watch her learn, after her 2nd game I can see I need to teach her about offense and defense...she plays defense the whole time :). Needless to say her team has only scored 1 basket in 2 games, but I am so happy to watch her grow and learn! I love her to pieces!


Maria said...

I LOVE basketball! That's awesome that Jenna is learning a new sport. Cute that she is great at defense, but not sure about offense yet. :) Dylan thinks basketball will be his sport, but Marcos is secretly hoping he decides on soccer instead. We may just have to give basketball a try when he's old enough to sign up.

Chrispy Critter said...

Ruby just started b ball. I am soooo proud of you for updating your blog!