Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Million Dollar Mouth :)

Well, we started the week off going to a Orthodontist
consultation for Jenna. Our Dentist suggested it since her x-ray looked a bit scary and the way her teeth are coming in! WOW is all I can say about what we learned!! As of now, he suggested that we have her 4 baby canine teeth pulled out in hopes that the permanent ones will find the right path to come too. Only 1 is coming in right :/ the 2 bottom ones are a little more horizontal then vertical and one on top is going behind the lateral incisor. Then comes the "pre" brace stage 8-12 months, she gets braces on her top and bottom 4 permanent teeth to start straighting those and keep them in place, while her others come in. Then she would wear a retainer at night to keep them in place until she is 12-13 when the 'real' braces come on. At that stage we may have to go to an oral surgen to have him hook up chains to her canines and bring them into place, get her one top lateral insicor "added on to" since it is not the same size of the other one which will give her an even smile :) and then there is talk if the canines don't work out pull 4 permanent teeth and then bring the other teeth forward to cover the spots so her smile is even and beautiful :)....mean while all I can see is $$...dollar signs...$$ who would of thought at the age of 9 we would start this process. let's hope Sara has relatively 'normal' teeth...she is a proud owner of a 'twin' tooth and will show you if you want to see it :]


Chrispy Critter said...

I think Cooper is headed down a similar path! YIKES!

John and Sherri said...

WOW! That is that is quite the process! WOW, is all I can say!

ausnbri said...

I am thankful to find your post. We took our 7-yr old to the dentist today and X-ray showed a tooth developing angular or sideways below her other bottom teeth. They are discussing removing her canines with the orthodontist.. and spacers.

How is your daughter doing since all the work? Bless her heart, that is a lot to endure.

ausnbreezy said...

I updated my blog with a picture of the xray ... very similar